Why is STEM a Challenge to Incorporate into Early Elementary School

Overview by Dr. Shari
July 26, 2018 

Teaching elementary students not only comes with a wide focus on fundamental behavioral norms and life concepts, such as lining up and tying shoes, but teaching also needs to incorporate academics. The academic focus of STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, Math) has primarily been associated with older students. However, STEM fits quite well with younger students as they are constantly asking questions and are inquisitive by nature. As a matter of fact, they are natural explorers according to the Early Education Research. The curiosity factor among younger students allows them to tackle STEM activities and absorb learning concepts. Even the simplest ideas and activities can spark interest with students and create an engaging learning environment. The early childhood developmental period is significant to learning STEM concepts to support students for future careers in an every changing world. However, do school districts give enough opportunities for professional development for teachers to teach STEM at the early elementary grades?

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