High School

Social Studies – US History


American Panorama – Atlas US History Maps



Annenberg Learner – A Biography of America


Colonial Williamsburg – The Idea of America



edtechteacher – General Lessons & Activities



Fordham University – Internet Books


Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History – Resources US History


Google – Executive Command Game



History Matters – Resources


Historypin – Connect History to Local Towns



National Archives – Archived Records



National Park Service – Historic Places



NY Times – Spatial Humanities Projects



Ohio State University – General Lessons & Activities



Share my Lesson – US  History



Smarthistory – US History Resources



Smithsonian Education – African American



Smithsonian Education – Interpreting Objects



Stanford History Education Group – US History



Stanford History Education Group – US and World History Assessments




Studenthandouts.com – Settlement to Present Day


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