High School

Science – Chemistry


AAAS or American Association for the Advancement of Science – Science Lessons & Activities



AACT or American Association of Chemistry Teachers – Resources and Lessons



ACS or American Chemical Society – Landmark Lesson Plans 



ACS or American Chemical Society – Resources and Lessons



BBC – Chemistry Assessments



BetterLesson – Community-Directory-High-School



Beyond Benign – Chemistry Curriculum Topics



Blackmold Removal – Chemistry Behind Household Cleaners



California State University, Northridge – Chemistry Teaching Resources



ChemCollective – Lessons/Virtual Labs



Chemistry Class Online – Chemistry Lessons



Chemistry Class Online – Physical Sience Lessons



Creative Chemistry 



Discovery Education – Science Teacher Resources



Educationinchemistry – 4 Simple Experiments



Embrace Challenge – Science Resources



Grin – Jokes/Daily starters



Khan Academy – Resources & Activities


Molecular Workbench – Interactive Simulations



NC State University – Countertop Chemistry


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