High School

Science – Analyzing & Interpeting Data


AAAS or American Association for the Advancement of Science – Science Lessons & Activities



BetterLesson – Interpretation of Data



CK-12 Science Lessons & Activities 



Discovery Education – Science Teacher Resources



Embrace Challenge – Science Resources



Montana State University – Analyzing and Interpeting Data



MPRES – Toolkit for Teachers in NGSS and Science Education



NGSS or Next Generation Science – Science Standards



NSTA or National Science Teachers Associations –  NGSS Data Analysis



Ohio Literacy Resource Center – Data Analysis, Probability and Statistics, and Graphing



RocketLit- NGSS Non-fiction Reading



Share My Lesson – Data Lesson Plans & Activities



SMART Exchange – Interactive Lessons



Teacher Vision – Analyzing Data



TeacherVision – Interpreting Data



University of Hawaii, College of Education – Teaching Science as Inquiry



YouTube – How to Record & Analyze Data 


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