High School

Social Studies – Geography


AAG or American Association of Geographers – Geography



BetterLesson – World History 


Canadian Geographic Education – Geography Activities



EBSCo – U.S.



Education World – Geography Activities



Education World – Geography’s Five Themes



Edutopia – Top 5 Resources for Teaching Geography



National Geographic – Teaching with Google Earth: Map-Based Stories



National Geographic – Fun with Geography Activities



National Geographic – Map Maker



National Geographic – Geography Resources



NCGE or National Council for Geographic Education



NEA or National Education Association – Teaching with Maps



NSF or National Science Foundation – Arctic and Antarctica



NY Times – 10 Ways to Teach Geography



NY Times Learning Network – National Geography Standards Bingo


OER Commons – Geography Lessons & Activities 



PlaceSpotting – Find the Place on this Map Activity



Smart OR Smart Exchange – Southeast


Studenthandouts.com – Around the World in 80 Days


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