Grade 3 Social Studies History


All About Explorers – Explorers


ASHP – American Social History Project



Core Knowledge – Subject Specific Lesson Plans & Activities



Ducksters – History for Kids


Ducksters – Incas, Mayans, Aztecs


edHelper – US History



Encyclopedia – The South



Land of the Brave – Colonization


Lesson Planet – US History



Mr. Donn – US History 



Mr. Donn – Ancient History



Mr. Donn – Patriotic Symbols Lessons



National Park Service – Historical Places



National WWII Museum – US History



Proteacher Directory – US History 



Proteacher Directory – World History



Scholastic.com – Thanksgiving



Smithsonian’s History Explore – US History


Studenthandouts.com – U.S. History



Teacher Vision – US History


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